Termidor and Bora-Care

In addition to fumigation, Orion Exterminating offers Termidor for local treatments and Bora-Care as preventative service.

Termidor is another method used for localized termite treatments. Differing from Bora-Care, Termidor uses a “Transfer Effect” process. After the treatment is applied in the wood, termites that touch or ingest it become “carriers” that transfer the Termidor to other termites. These termites become secondary carriers, that further infect the colony. 

Termidor is slow-acting, in order to allow time for individual termites to transfer it to the rest of the population. 

Bora-Care is an environmentally friendly, low toxicity, wood preservative that can be applied to unpainted wood areas. Once the wood is treated with Bora-Care, the wood will no longer be a food source for termites. They will not be able to infest, or live in the wood, and the treatment will remain for the life of the wood. 

Bora-Care prevents termites and other wood-destroying insects from consuming wood that is treated, while also preventing them from tubing over treated wood in efforts to reach wood that has not been treated.  Bora- Care treatments can be used along with fumigation to ensure Termites will not re-infest. 

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